Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Magnetic Chalkboard

Today's project has been in the works for a few months. Finally had the time to put it together. I love chalk and chalkboards. Just wonderful. As a teacher, I think it is literally in my blood. So, I needed a large "message center" in my kitchen. Had a nice magnetic chalkboard from IKEA and a wired photo display, but I wanted to supersize them.

I started with a piece of 24" x 36" aluminum sheeting. Can be found at hardware stores, my from Lowe' . I also purchased a can of chalkboard spray. Pure genius. After wiping the sheet metal down of dust, I sprayed 3 coats of chalkboard paint and let it dry overnight.

Here is where H.H. (Helpful Husband) comes in. He made 2 pilot holes at the top and bottom, then drill the chalkboard into the wall.

Next we trim some MDF board to make a frame. HH nailed it into the wall using his
pneumatic gun. A
great excuse to get out power tools.
Next up, fill in the nail holes and sand smooth.
Tape off the frame for painting.

I used glossy spray paint to complete the frame.
3 coats and 24 hours later...
Supersized Message Center.
The beauty is that the chalkboard is magnetized and I can put all kinds of cutie magnets up.
Now this little beauty gets moved to my craft room to display new cards and such.

What kind of projects are you doing this summer?
Hope you enjoy!
Stay Fabulous!


  1. LOVE the framed chalkboard idea!! I love chalkboards too. I've Always wanted a whole wall painted with chalkboard paint and trays of colorful chalk for people to use at their leisure if I were to have an entertainment room. Don't have the room, thus I don't have the wall....LOL the red frame!!

  2. Gret job on the chalkboard!! When I was a kid we had a large rolling chalkboard outside, in the covered patio. It was fun to see who wrote notes on it when we weren't at home. I don't have room in my kitchen/family room for a chalkboard, but I certainly love your red frame.... Just taking a cake decorating class this summer for my summer camp experience.

  3. Such a great idea, Danell -- love it! I feel like the summner is evaporating before my eyes. Think my time for projects (oh, I had such high hopes) is over. :(

  4. Loving the red! Thanks for joining my chalkboard party.