Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pottery Barn Pillows

Happy Thursday!
A week before Thanksgiving and things are moving right along. We are going to be visiting family, so no dinner at my house this year. Shoosh!

However, we will be visiting some dear friends who will be hosting my brood for the turkey/Harry Potter/shopping/football fest.

It's only polite to bring something to the hostess, don't you think?

This year my husband will be bringing a 24 pack of Diet Coke (how very thoughtful!) and some summer sausage. I don't think our hostess will care much, but the hubby's will enjoy the snacks while watching football.

My hubby thinks with his tummy, I think with my eyes. When I saw these pillows at Pottery Barn Teens, I think I screamed a little.

Cute, bright and embroidered.

Then I inspiration on how to make them at Naptime Crafters and it was all over and done.

Here are mine:

I call this one: Owlie Babba and the 40 Leaves
Falling Leaves

They turned out sooo nice, that my sister is getting the same set for her birthday. The
floral pattern is perfect for her living room (cross fingers).
I even, quite by coincidence, came home for the store with the same fabric as Naptime Crafters.
Hum. Must be cuz it's so cute.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Future Star Stencil

Happy Saturday!
Thanksgiving is coming up and I am getting stressed. But, that doesn't stop me from working on projects on the BOTTOM of my To-Do List. Ha!

Today's project is a "BING" light bulb idea I had last week. I have seen lots of fun projects out in blogland using freezer paper stencils.
Heeeellllllooooo! Where have I been?

Lacrosse season is coming up and I wanted to make to cool shirts for my boys, Lazy Boy and Drama. Here is Drama modeling my SECOND attempt. I'm not even going to post the first shirt. Yuck!

beautiful fall day

I am so happy the way this turned out. Now, I have got a bunch of LAX ideas on my scribble pad ready to go.

Want to know how?
There are a ton of tutorials on the interwebz, so I'll hook you up with a couple of good ones:
Dana at Made
Cheri at I am Momma

Here is a couple of tips.

I design my graphic in Pages, cuz I'm a Mac girl and Photoshop stupid. It's easy to manipulate images and resize.

When cutting your stencil, put a fresh blade into your Exacto knife. Totally makes a difference.

Use a piece of freezer paper behind the fabric so that the paint doesn't soak through. DO NOT use cardboard.

Use the paint designed especially for fabric. I like Tulip Soft Fabric Paint, in Matte. It's cheap ($1.69 a bottle) and comes in many color. It's the perfect consistency to paint, leave a good coat of color and not bleed through.

DO NOT use watery, acrylic paint.

Use a specialty brush. Also inexpensive, and sold right next to the fabric paint.
DO NOT use a big, foam brush, unless you have a large area to cover.

Hope to make a lot more stencils and finish, FINISH a few projects this weekend.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sweet Pea Banner

Sweet Pea's birthday was last week and since she is attending college 1200 miles away, I wanted to send something to make her day special.
I put together a banner for her party at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
(Of course, it arrived 2 days later. Urgh!)

I used the Girl's Paperie line "Paper Girl" that I won at April's charity auction.
I can't get enough of this goodness.

I also stole....blatantly stole the ideas and the circles from
then added some sweet butterflies so that I could use the paper cuts.

I had to print out the letters, mirror image, with the compy.
Man, a Cricut would have saved me a boatload of trouble.

Forgive the lighting. I finished the project at 9:30 pm and immediately
packed it up for shipping the next day.

Sweet Pea called yesterday and G & G brought over her banner and presents.
What other 19 year old would love this

AND this?

Happy Bday Sweet Pea!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Wrap up-Craft Style

Now that Halloween is over, it's time to take down the pumpkins and whatnot. Here is a quick shot of my mantle before it goes into a box 'til next year.

First up, Halloween banner. Sweet Pea has a completely blank, white dorm. Made this to add a little color.
She liked it. I should have made like 15 of them to fill up that wall.

There is my lovely owlie plate.

The vinyl was $5 from Wonderfully Wordy
and the plate was $1 buck from Home Goods

Here was a fun project. I made this fun candle wrap with the paper I won from Margie Romney-Aslett. You can see all the goodies I won at my other blog.
Thanks Margie and April!
A friend and I went to Tai Pan yesterday and got some goodies....OOOOHHHH!
Looking forward to finding new homes for those new pieces.