Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Banner

Sweet Pea lives in the college dorms, complete with white cinder blocks. I made a Halloween banner to add a little color to that sparce, blank space. I did a lot of cutting and folding during a recent Sunday while watching church on t.v.
(BEST ever!).
I printed out each letter onto bright green cardstock using a "Lord of the Rings" font. Who knew...never mind. Geeks and nerds know that stuff.
(It doesn't look like green in the above photo, see below)

Next up, punched out 3" scallops out of eggplant and glue letters on top.

Then, I used 2 different designer papers, a black stripe and orange polka dot. Cut each into 2" x 12" in strips. Glued 2 strips together (2" x 24"), folded every 1/2 inch to form the medallions.

Finally, I sent all of the pieces to Sweet Pea and she glued them together on a 3/4" ribbon. I wasn't sure about the length of the room, so she did it herself.
Here is it....Tah-dah!
Needless to say, this wall needs a lot, LOT more color.

I am looking forward to making another one for myself....this time with yellow or cream centers (oohhh...That sounds like a cookie!)

I've got a ton of other Halloween/Fall projects that are midway to completion.
Working a lot has put some money in my pocket, but a cramp in my crafting time. Can't win!

What is your newest decor addition this fall?



  1. Adorable banner, Danell! I'm sure your "Sweet Pea" loves having a little touch of home in her dorm room. Happy Fall!

  2. The banner looks so cute. Cinder block walls always can use some sprucing up.