Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lemon tree

Sweet Pea just got home from college for the summer. I was working on a project when she asked me, "What are you into?"

Good question. My blog is called Currently Crafting because I have DYI ADD. I throw myself into something and become a little obsessed (a craft room full of tools and gadgets as proof), then after a few months I get bored. Actually, I should say my enthusiasm dwindles or I find something else to obsess about.

Sweet Pea's follow up question: "What have you been doing since I have been gone?"

Not much, I thought. What have I been doing. Certainly not cleaning, or working on projects.
I have been searching for the perfect fabric for 3 rooms. Do you know how hard it is to find items in the store you create in your head? Fabric...impossible. But that's another story.

What I did come up with was gardening. Yes! I have been gardening. I had forgotten about the backbreaking days I spent hauling out crumby dirt, mixing manure and amendments, planting, replanting, weeding and pruning the front and back yard.

I share one or two of my successes.

This is an Improved Meyer Lemon Tree.
It's delicious, fragrant and beautiful

Improved Meyer Lemon tropical landscape

This is what mine looked like in May. Sad.
I replanted Sad Lemon Tree into a pot...with real soil.
Surprise! It started to grow.
New buds and flowers.

No fruit yet...but I am hopeful.

Next up...roses.
Here are a few beauties from my front yard.

This is our Libby Rose, a.k.a. Queen Elizabeth.
When our daughter Libby passed away, my dad and I each planted one in our yards.
He lives closes to the cemetery and sometimes take some over to the grave.
Love him!
Here is a lovely "Peace"
I think this is a" Double Delight".
Finally, I'm not sure the name of this one, but it's a gorgeous yellow with green edges.

So that, Sweet Pea, is what I am into.

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