Monday, April 18, 2011

Media Center

I've been searching high and low for an affordable console/media center to fill this whole
Nice, huh?

So, I start at Pottery Barn. HAhahahahah. Affordable? Yeah!
Pottery Barn is where I go to get ideas, not make purchases.
So I see this little beauty.
Price $999....that's dollars, thank you.

Gratefully, I have been successful in the second-hand furniture department. I found this classy piece on Craig's..after just a few days of looking.

However, the big winner was a Thomasville dresser I found at Salvation Army. I saw it, thought about it, measured it twice, thought some more, then sent my daughter to pick it up one day while I was at work. It was half off...$144! Score!
before picture

I spent several hours (read: days) sanding and filling holes.
Then I used several coats of Rust-oleum spray primer in red, then 3-4 coats of
Rust-oleum Colonial Red in satin. As a final touch, I used Minwax walnut stain to distress and add dimension. Finished off with clear coats.
Spray paint is fabulous!

It fits like a glove!

New hardware to finish off the masterpiece.
My neighbor said this looks like a happy face! I agree.Excellent storage for Wii and dvd.
Each drawer holds dvd....perfectly.
Total cost under $200. BAM!
My two helpers. Thanks guys!

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  1. Score! It turned out fantastic. Love the insperation piece also. I might have to go back and pick up a country style buffet I saw today for $40 and make one for my TV.