Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pottery Barn Pillows

Happy Thursday!
A week before Thanksgiving and things are moving right along. We are going to be visiting family, so no dinner at my house this year. Shoosh!

However, we will be visiting some dear friends who will be hosting my brood for the turkey/Harry Potter/shopping/football fest.

It's only polite to bring something to the hostess, don't you think?

This year my husband will be bringing a 24 pack of Diet Coke (how very thoughtful!) and some summer sausage. I don't think our hostess will care much, but the hubby's will enjoy the snacks while watching football.

My hubby thinks with his tummy, I think with my eyes. When I saw these pillows at Pottery Barn Teens, I think I screamed a little.

Cute, bright and embroidered.

Then I inspiration on how to make them at Naptime Crafters and it was all over and done.

Here are mine:

I call this one: Owlie Babba and the 40 Leaves
Falling Leaves

They turned out sooo nice, that my sister is getting the same set for her birthday. The
floral pattern is perfect for her living room (cross fingers).
I even, quite by coincidence, came home for the store with the same fabric as Naptime Crafters.
Hum. Must be cuz it's so cute.


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  1. Sorry it took me AGES to respond to your comment! I'm featuring this on Thursday over at

    They turned out great!