Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ruffled Tee

I finally completed this ruffled tee, after falling in love with the "Inception Scarf". The Inception Scarf was actually made with the remnants of this gray heather knit.
Total cost of t-shirt...about $5.00...BAM!
I can't believe I actually model it, or the picture taken by my 10 year old turned out. He accidental had the camera setting to "extra wrinkled face".

I struggled to finish the ruffle, not quite sure how I wanted it to look. I knew that I wanted to wear it specifically with a charcoal cardigan sweater I have. The first ruffle went all around the neckline. Very circus-clowny. So I took off the ruffle, cut it in half, and laid a narrower ruffle on the top. Now the t-shirt is perfect for the sweater.
Here is a close up.

I did make the t-shirt, but you can buy one and add a ruffle of coordinating knit. The t-shirt was actually super simple. I took one of my favorite fitting tees, a Mossimo from Target. Turn the t-shirt inside out, laid the Target shirt flat on the table, then folded in half, straight down the middle. I traced around the neckline, shoulders, armholes, sides and bottom. Then added 3/4". Do the same for the back and sleeve. Three easy pieces. Much easier that it sounds. Now I have a pattern to make a pajillion tshirts. You can alter the length of the sleeves, necklines, etc.
No buttons, zippers or ties. Yippee!
Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Danell, I LOVE the ruffled tee. It is just perfect; I'm very impressed! (Oh, and I really don't love that "extra-wrinkled face" setting on my camera either... however I don't seem to be able to figure out how to get it off!) :)

  2. what a fun little extra to snazz up that shirt! i love it, such a great idea.