Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Inception Scarf

Have you seen the movie "Inception"?
Me either....but I live with people (Sweet Pea) who LOVE it.
So, when I made a scarf within a had to be the
"Inception Scarf"

Here is how it goes down:
You'll need 3/4 yard stretch knit. Will also work with fleece.

See Suzanne's version in fleece. Very cute. I am sure I CASE'd this scarf from her.

Cut 2 pieces of stretch knit 8 x 60 inches; sew ends together to make one long 8 x 120 inches.
Cut 3 pieces of stretch knit 6 x 75 inches; sew ends together to make one long 6 x 150 inches.

Gather 8 inch wide piece of fabric by stitching down the middle. Use a long stitch when gathering. I bunched it up and I pushed it through the needle as I go along.
Your finished length should be about 60 inches.

Do the same thing for the same thing for the 6 inch wide piece.
The finished length should also be about 60 inches. I will be a little fuller than the 8 inch wide piece.

Turn under the ends of each layer.....stitch to finish.

Pin the 6 inch piece on top of the 8 inch;
adjust the gathers so that both layers are the same length.
Stitch down the middle of both pieces.

Sew down the middle again using a zigzag stitch to secure the gathers.
Next time I will stitch a piece of ribbon to the backside of the stitching, just to make sure the stitching doesn't pull out.

There you go....Inception Scarf...a scarf within a scarf. Sweet.
My girlfriend ALMOST didn't get this for her birthday. Sweet Pea loved it so much.

I love the way it makes a little collar.

Oliver.....inspector number 16...quality control.


  1. LOOOOOVE IT!! I think Oliver needs one now! For when he spends his winters in Idaho!

  2. Hi Danell; I love your inception scarf! That is very creative and fashionable. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog. I've followed this blog of yours and I hope you'll stop back and maybe consider following mine too ;)

    New England Style

  3. Love this scarf. It's absolutely beautiful! Thanks for giving me a heads up and for the shout out. It's appreciated.