Thursday, January 13, 2011

Your help needed!

I am in the middle of a transition. For the first 10 years of my married life, I had pink walls and blue floral sofa. I loved them.

Flash forward 20 years.
Now, I am a little older, no babies to worry about and my style has become a little more refined. I have been stalking, reading and blotting my new style/strategy. My husband, while tolerant of my shenanigans, does not read my blog and has very little idea what happens while he is a work. Poor dear!

Here is my current living room status and some ideas:

Millwork, including crown molding and maybe even wainscotings.
Good-bye to Eleanor's green predecessor, the sofa table.
Window treatments on the horizon. 3 long panels. Fabric-to be determined.
Wingback chair is going to be slipcovered...very soonly, in drop cloth. Imagine this:
Floral and denim wingback...relocated to another room.
End table...refinished...maybe painted?
Window treatment: valances to coordinate with panels.
I'm thinking something like this:
Victorola...loved this piece given to me by my grandmother. Doesn't work, but splendid at holding sheet music and books. Said piece will soon be moving to my sister's home.
Bookcase...BA-BYE! I have great plans for a "booknook" in an underutilized computer nook upstairs. This is the only project husband is aware of, and not to crazy about.
A lot of talk about resale values, blah, blah, blah.

And we are back at the entry way with Eleanor.
Here are a couple of other ideas.
Good bye to yellow #13.
I have loved this yellow in 2 houses for over 9 years. Time to move on.
I'm thinking something more neutral, BM-OC14 Natural Cream.

Hate, Hate, HATE carpet. Tile, not so much love either. Would love to replace with wood all downstairs, but that includes a kitchen island remodel that is a couple of years away.
Who designs kitchens anyways? Men, men who don't cook!

ok. So sorry to drag this on. I have been thinking of this post for a couple of weeks. I am soliciting any and all suggestions. You ladies are so wonderful and generous.
Thanks and see you Lowe's!

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