Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year Note Set

I am fortunate to have several good friends. Indeed! However, 4 of them have birthdays this week. Yikes! I have been trolling my blogroll and found some fabulous ideas I put together to make a gift set. It includes a notepad, bookmark, 12 month calendar, reminder clips and a pen.

Shout Out! to those who shared their ideas.
Michelle @ Mish Mash for the notebook and clips
and Nancy @ Paper Smiles for the calendar

The notepad has a 4 1/2 x 11 inch lined notepad.

Clever calendar has 3 months on each side to correlate with each season. Just untie the ribbon and flip it over.

Clips to remind and hold important stuff together.

I have a new weapon in my crafting arsenal-Modge Podge! Awesome! I was singing "I love Modge Podge" for an hour after I finished these. My husband doesn't hear that stuff anymore. He just tunes me out!
I printed out the labels on the compy using the font "Pharmacy" and attached to clothes pin with Modge Podge. After they dried, they have a nice, matte coat that will wipe off, just in case.

This was also fun because I used all kinds of trinkets, including the "shrinky dinks" I made. I stamp the images, cut out and shrink in the oven. Be sure to punch holes in the center to thread ribbon. Then hot glue in place.

Finally, the bookmark. Stamped images and added coordinating papers. My favorite part is a place to write down the books to be read or what to read. I always forget when I hear of a good book. So, at least it will be written down for a year! I have a bunch of the plastic bookmarkcases, sorry I don't know where they are from. I got them as part of my last "multilevel marketing adventure". Ha!
Oh Fragglerock! (That's my swear word) I forgot to take a picture, but there is also a pen. I used an ink pen with a clear barrel to slip in a piece of the stripped paper. Everyone needs a matching pen!
Paper: Deja View-Blue Raspberry "Collage", "Striped", and "Paisley", cardstock-violet.
Stamps: Stampin Up "Love without End"
Ink: g studio, Joann's.
Ribbon: "Dashes, dots and checks"- Michael's
Buttons and trinkets: My stash
Shrink Film: Grafix
Clothes Pins: Walmart

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