Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stepping Outside

of my comfort zone, that is. I am a pastel girl down deep. But last year, found this fun paper. Yeap, a year. Sat in my drawer for a long time. Then, on one of my candy orange slice binges, I had an idea. Purple and orange for Valentines. I've been working with a lot of traditional pink, white and red, but this was so much fun. And of course, have to share my candy favorites with the card. And yes, more clips, with paper and {sing along with me} "Moooodge Poooodge".
All in all, guaranteed to cause cavities!


  1. Great and fun card. What are the orange candies like? Are they very sweet?

  2. Great color idea for Valentines. And I love candy orange slices. Well, truth be told, I love just about any kind of candy! :)